Welcome, alchemists!

I can hear you. You're saying, "Oh, good. Another cocktail blog." You are saying this without enthusiasm. I can hear that also. I am not going to defend myself here, except to say my only plan is to win you over with reporting that's worth your time.

Here’s what I’m planning to write about:

  • Small distilleries where the owner turns the valve that starts the still.
  • Large distilleries, on occasion, where the owner has hired a staff that cares about making outstanding products.
  • Bars that understand great cocktails require hiring people with a skill set that extends beyond tap-pulling.
  • Bartenders who pay attention, and, uncannily, know what they should be paying attention to.
  • Cocktails that make me stand up and shout, sometimes in tongues.
  • Great drink-making gear (some traditional, some not) and where to get it.
  • Outstanding mixers and other fine products that enhance or complement rather than obscure the taste of spirits.
  • Cocktail history, especially if I find it a little amusing.
  • Cocktail making skills and techniques.
  • Cocktail drinking skills and techniques.

Here’s what I won’t be writing about:

  • Commodity cocktails; stupid cocktails; spirits made with flavorings also found in Jolly Rancher candies; cocktails served in 32-ounce glasses.

Here’s why I’m doing it:

  • I hope to encourage the difusion of great spirits and well-crafted cocktails by recognizing those who understand them.  I'll admit this is chiefly for selfish reasons: one day I’d like to be visit any city or large town and know that there’s at least one place where I can order an old-fashioned and not have to first ask if the proprietor owns a bottle of bitters.