Potato vodka from Superfly Distilling Co, Oregon

When I first read the name "Superfly Distilling," I thought, well, it's about time microdistilling made it to the inner city. The theme song from Shaft started thumping in my head, and, fight as I might, the image of bottles wrapped in fur-collared coats appeared in my head

But, no... it's named after a fishing fly. You know, of the sort used in fly fishing, a wholesome outdoor activity. Oregon, and all that.

The company started up last spring, and has a small still Brookings, Ore., on the coast just north of the California state line. Superfly starting shipping its first product, a potato vodka, in mid-September. It's being distributed only in Oregon to date. Next on the line: a spiced rum, a whiskey and a gin.

I haven't tried any Superfly yet, but I'm looking forward to correcting this.

For more info, visit Superfly Distilling.